Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | March 2, 2010

And speaking of technology…

A patron came in this morning looking on information about Santeria, a rather little-known religion with East African and Caribbean roots.  She’s doing a research paper on it, and hadn’t been able to find in-depth information anywhere.   I showed her how to go to our library website, and then to our (amazing) collection of databases, where we opened “Extended Academic Index” and… zap! Zowie!  We found 116 links to professional journal articles, 43 links to popular magazine article, and 36 news articles.  I felt like SuperLibrarian: able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…

 You may not be interested in Santeria, but if you don’t know about our database collection, ask.   Whatever your interests, they are a fast ticket to current, authoritative information that you can’t find for free on the Internet.  Plus, using them is so fun.  Ask us!
                                                                                    –Mary Beth



  1. Wow! Talk about getting ones blood going! Can hardly wait to find out about all the things I think I want to know!! AND mega kudos to you, Beth – I wondered what that speeding bullet was that whizzed by!!

    See you Tues!! B

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