Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | May 5, 2010

Hiking season approaches!

Big thanks to Craig Romano, who made his second visit to BPL last night.  About 40 people showed up to listen to Craig’s energetic presentation.  He’s a dynamo who has been hiking in this state over 20 years, and is busy updating the Mountaineering hiking guides for Washington. 

The problem with Craig is, he knows so much and he’s so enthusiastic, listening to him is like watching a three-ring circus while trying to take notes.  Where to hike and when (“Go now!  Don’t wait for summer, it’s too hot.”), how steep, how many people (“I’ve hiked there three times and never saw another person”), what to look for (“The only place in western Washington I’ve ever seen that flower”), where your car is more likely to get burgled, little snippets of naturalism (“Big burn there a couple of years ago — so the flowers are wonderful!”) and, if you ask, fun stories of his experiences on the trails.  All of this is delivered at east-coast pace of speech and Italian, arm-waving enthusiasm, with the occasional burst of humor.   He talks fast ’cause there’s so much to tell.  Craig is a state-wide authority on the outdoors, and he’s a Burlington resident — which may be why he takes time out of an overbusy schedule to come and share his knowledge with us.   And if you missed it, be sure and visit him at   See you on the trails, Craig…
                                        —Mary Beth


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