Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | May 10, 2010

Happy Children’s Book Week!

There are some people out there who don’t pay attention to children’s books, and I pity them.  Some of the most beautiful books being published (in appearance and in message) are books for kids.  Every year there are one or two which I find so wonderful, I have to buy them for my personal library.  One of those is featured on this years’ poster:  Zen Ties, by Jon Muth.  (The panda’s name is Stillwater, and his nephew is Koo.)

A couple more to delight your heart and your eyes:  SkippyJon Jones, by Judith Schachner; and If you give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Joffe Numeroff.  Oh, and don’t miss Knuffle Bunny, by Mo Willems.  And then there’s….oh, just browse!  Browsing is such a lost art.  

And if you really want to celebrate Children’s Book Week, you know what to do: find a child, and read together.
                                                         –Mary Beth


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