Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | June 28, 2010

Little Farm in the Foothills

Cover Image

We often get letters and emails from authors, encouraging us to buy their new book for the library.  Especially this year, our book budgets are very tight, so I usually reply that we wish we could support them more, but just can’t afford to buy their book right now.  And that’s usually the end of that conversation.

Recently, though, I got an email back.  Susan Browne, author of Little Farm in the Foothills, wrote back and offered to donate her book!  It’s a memoir of how she and her husband bought some land outside Bellingham in “a boomer couple’s search for the slow life,” as the subtitle states.  Since we like to feature books about our local area, I was especially grateful for the donation.

If you’re a gardener, a nature-lover, or someone who just enjoys learning how others choose to spend their lives, you’ll enjoy this lovely book.  It’s getting processed and shelf-ready right now, so look for it in a week or so!   Tell all your friends to buy a copy.   😉

And thanks to Susan, and all the authors and readers who generously donate great books to us.
                                —Mary Beth


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