Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | August 23, 2010

Joy Joy Joy

Oh, the joys of a book selector.  Part of my job is to buy books for the library.  Doesn’t that sound fun?   It is.  It’s hard work, researching and keeping track and budgeting, and it’s occasionally heartbreaking because there isn’t (could there ever be?) enough money to get all the good stuff that would serve my community.  But it’s fun.

And there are two times when it is the most fun:  one, when a box of books arrives; and two, when the boss tells you she’s managed to eek out some more money for you to spend.  And today, both happened!   Maggie – who is a wizard at raising money – boosted my budget, so I get to go shopping for the lists and lists of books we need; and a box arrived with the last books I ordered.   

None of them are shiny bestsellers – it’s a hodgepodge of non-fiction.  But each one fills a hole in our collection that someday, someone will be grateful to find.  Each one will inspire or inform someone coming through our doors.  Call me corny… but that makes my heart sing.
                 –Mary Beth

P.S.  I just found out I won a contest and got some free books for the library.  Is this a great day, or what?




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