Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | October 6, 2010

October, O October

 I find it alarming that October is already flying by… maybe if we celebrate every aspect of it, it will last longer.  My favorites from the lists below include: (naturally) National Book Group Month; the fact that the Peanuts cartoon is 60 years old this month; and that my Dad shares the same birthday as Jimmy Carter.  Happy birthday, Dad.
                  —Mary Beth

October is:

Holidays in October Include:
Oct. 1: World Smile Day
Oct. 5: World Teacher’s Day
Oct. 11: Columbus Day
Oct. 11: National Coming Out Day
Oct. 11: Thanksgiving (Canada)
Oct. 16: National Boss Day
Oct. 16: Sweetest Day
Oct. 16: World Food Day
Oct. 24: United Nations Day
Oct. 31: Halloween

October Famous Birthdays
Jimmy Carter (39th president of the U.S.): Oct. 1, 1924
Mohandas Gandhi: Oct. 2, 1869

Gore Vidal: Oct. 3, 1925
Anne Rice: Oct. 4, 1941
Chester Arthur (21st president of the U.S.): Oct. 5, 1829
Nora Roberts: Oct. 10, 1950
Eleanor Roosevelt: Oct. 11, 1884
Dwight Eisenhower (34th president of the U.S.): Oct. 14, 1890
Oscar Wilde: Oct. 16, 1854
Shel Silverstein: Oct. 18, 1932
Franz Liszt: Oct. 22, 1811
Theodore Roosevelt (26th president of the U.S.): Oct. 27, 1858
John Adams (2nd president of the U.S.): Oct. 30, 1735

October Historical Events:
Oct. 2, 1950: “Peanuts” cartoon debuts (60th anniversary)
Oct. 6, 1876: American Library Association founded
Oct. 8, 1871: Great Chicago Fire (Peshtigo, WI, forest fire started the same day)
Oct. 26, 1881: Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
Oct. 29, 1929: Stock Market Crash of 1929


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