Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | November 4, 2010

Are you a LitLover?

The web is soooooo full of book-loving resources.  Here’s one you might like to visit: LitLovers.  You can find a book and read a review. There’s great information about starting a book group, for adults or kids.  There are book club discussion guides for specific books.

And there are “LitCourses.”  If you want to get “more” out of your reading — if you’re nagged by all that talk in English classes from long ago, about themes and metaphors and symbolism and whatnot — or if you just enjoy some extra education, take a look at these offerings.

There are ten of them, from how to read “deeply” to deepening your awareness of plot, characters, and point of view (as well as, naturally, theme and symbolism).  They’re self-guided and contain a piece of work to read that pertains to that unit’s focus.

It’s fall!  I always feel a tug towards going back to school, this time of year.  Indulge yourself with a bit of literature-loving, and let us know if it expands your reading horizons.
                               —Mary Beth


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