Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | November 18, 2010

Old-fashioned technology?

I subscribe to Lynn Gaertner-Johnston’s online newsletter that offers tips for better business writing.

In a recent blog post Lynn shared 21 Ways to Shrink the Email MonsterHere’s tip #1:

Choose to pick up the phone. When you know an email is likely to spawn a series of back-and-forth messages, ask yourself whether a phone call is more efficient. When you want to choose a date, time, and place to meet for lunch, for example, planning by phone for five minutes can achieve your goal. It’s more efficient than exchanging six to ten email interruptions.

Wow! I guess the telephone isn’t such old-fashioned technology after all.  Sometimes a phone call can be the shortest distance between two people.  Remember that the next time you have a library question.  You can call us: 

  • to find out when your books are due
  • to renew library materials
  • to find out if we have a particular book you want to read
  • to get directions to the library (or someplace else!)
  • for whatever information you may need to answer life’s questions.

And when you call the Burlington Public Library (between 8am and closing), a live person answers the phone.  Now that’s old-fashioned technology!



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