Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | December 1, 2010

It Takes a Valley

I got the biggest lift this morning, and it set me to thinking. 

On the one hand, all we hear these days is economic doom and gloom.

And on the other hand, we often experience occasions of enthusiastic generosity and kindness — which is much more fun to focus on!

I had e-mailed a local bed & breadfast, soliticing a free night’s stay that we could use for our Grand Prize in the upcoming Winter Adult Reading Months (WARM) program.  And Shelly Davis, Innkeeper at the Queen of the Valley Inn over by LaConner, responded thusly:

I didn’t even have to read your entire email to know that I would be thrilled to participate in this promotion.  We celebrate books here at The Queen.  We have stacks all over the house and in every room, plus a huge library on the second floor.  Books are one of my passions; one that is shared by many of our guests.  We actually ask for book recommendations on our check-in sheet!  Count us in. 

So, it’s true: these are tough times, and the library is certainly feeling the pinch.  But it’s also true that this glorious valley is filled with supportive, generous people, from businesses like Shelly’s, to the Friends of the Library (who are meeting as I type) and other volunteers.  They don’t make the headlines: they just make (our) world go ’round.   Thanks to everybody who supports libraries!!!
                             —Mary Beth


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