Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | January 21, 2011

It was a dark and stormy afternoon…

It’s 4:30 p.m. on a rainy afternoon, and here’s what’s happening at your library: 

  • One 8-year-old boy is looking for a DVD for the weekend.  Maybe Star Trek?
  • Another grade-schooler is working on his science homework (earthquakes and volcanoes), while his dad is getting caught on the latest happenings in the Skagit Valley Herald.
  • A couple over by the fireplace have their heads together, looking at the images in a book on the glory days of logging.
  • A woman in a cozy chair nearby is reading the latest issue of TVynovelas.
  • Four girls are sitting at a table, notebooks and papers spread out all around them, maybe working on homework…maybe just visiting.
  • People are doubled-up at all the “group use” public computers, and all twelve computers in the “quiet-zone” computer lab are in use.
  • Six more people are online with their laptops, using the library’s wireless network, while out in the lobby, three boys are using wireless with their netbook computer to download music to an iPod.
  • Five people are browsing the fiction shelves, looking for a book to take home and curl up in a chair with, and several more are searching the new book shelves.
  • There’s a woman selecting music CDs (with a little help from her teenagers).
  • One young man and his look-alike brother are searching for books on the history of chickens, while his mom is looking for books on raising twins.
  • A father is sitting in a child-size chair at a table in the children’s area, listening to his first-grade daughter read from a beginning reader.
  • And out in the lobby, people are coming and going, picking up IRS forms.  

All together, there are fifty-plus people here, tucked away in corners, studying at tables, sitting in comfy chairs, working on computers, and lots more. Your library: a great place to be on a rainy afternoon.

~ Thankful to be warm and dry on a rainy afternoon, Janice


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