Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | February 8, 2011

@ your library: the newsletter

So you like libraries, right?  (If not, you’re definitely reading the wrong blog.)

One of the great thing about libraries is that none of them exists in a vacuum.  They’re all linked in many ways, and form a very generous network, all working towards noble goals and generally keeping the world turning in the correct direction.  (In my humble opinion.)

The American Library Association produces a nifty online newsletter:

You can vist occasionally, or you can subscribe to it, so it comes directly to your Inbox and you won’t miss an issue.  It’s always full of surprises — author interviews, national library news, and often great opportunities.  For instance, the current issue highlights  the “Hope for America Exhibit at Library of Congress: Performers, Politicians and Pop Culture.”   (If you’re interested in the exhibit, click here.  It’s really neat.)
Want to see more?  Click here to go the current issue.
If that convinces you, click here to subscribe.
               — Mary Beth

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