Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | March 3, 2011

To improve your shopping experience…

Sure, we’re always supposed to go to the grocery store with a written list (not just a mental list of what you kinda’ think you remember that you need), and we’re never supposed to shop when we’re hungry. But we’ve all had those days when we wander the aisles at the grocery store, looking for inspiration for that night’s menu. Well, with our shopping carts from Haggen and our eye-catching new book displays, we’re sort of like your favorite grocery store, and we want you to shop. Without a list. And come when you are hungry—for a good book.

You can just come in and browse, and find something tempting to take home. Or we can help you find something on your list: to feed your soul, or satisfying a craving for literary cuisine, or fill that hunger for book “brain candy” (nothing too deep, more like the sweets at the checkout counter: tempting and worth every minute you spend reading).

We’ve got carts to fill and enticing books on display all over the place. Come in and shop.


Grab a cart and start shopping--@ your library


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