Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | March 8, 2011

New Books!

Here’s one of our fabulous volunteers, covering new books so they’re ready to go on the shelves.  (She’s shy, so I won’t put her name here.)   Not long after this picture was taken, she brought me a beautiful stack of non-fiction to put on the “new” shelves, so I thought I’d tell you about it.

First, some nifty how-to books.

How to Build a Fire is a companion book to an earlier purchase, How to Sew a Button.  Everything you ever needed to know but were embarrassed to acknowledge that you never learned.  Then, Point, Click, and Save is a technology-savvy guide to making (and saving) oodles of money at home.  And lastly, Show Me How, which knocked my socks off.  It is clever and intriguing and funny while it’s being education, and is almost entirely graphic illustrations.  You’ve got to pick this one up and have a look.

And for a little diversity, we have another trio of new books waiting for you.  Popular novelist Debbie Macomber has written God’s Guest List, reflecting on the power we all have to influence one another’s lives.  The Gourmet Cookie Book is jammed full of oh-so-elegant cookie receipes.  And The Pot Book is a comprehensive, scientific look at our culture’s uses of marijuana, both pros and cons.

We’ve got something for everyone.  Come down and browse!  
—Mary Beth


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