Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | March 14, 2011

Big changes rollin’ in

Andrea giving superlative service to a patron.

Some big change is coming down the pike at your library.  And if we do it right, you may never even notice… because it’s all behind the scenes.

We’re getting a new ILS.  “ILS” stands for Integrated Library System.  It’s the software that we use to check items in and out, search the catalog, and save patron records–which makes it pretty important!   We need a new one because the old one (besides being a software dinosaur) is being phased out; the company won’t support it anymore.   

The new program is called Evergreen.   Two other Skagit libraries (LaConner, and the Upper Skagit Library District) are implementing the new system along with us.

So this Wednesday, March 16, the library will be closed.  This is so all three library staffs can come together for a full day of training.   The training will continue Thursday, which unfortunately means that the computer lab will be closed to the public all day, and the library will close at 6:00 p.m.

After that, we have a couple of weeks to get more familiar with Evergreen, before we go live with it.  So if we seem a little fumbly or slow at the computers in April, you’ll know why!   It’s a big job to learn a whole new way of doing things.  But it’ll be good in the long run—many small improvements that we hope will improve our service to the most important people: you.
                 —Mary Beth


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