Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | July 14, 2011

Celebrate the Tour de France

It’s happening even as you read: the best bikers in the world, whizzing desperately around France.   You can keep up with the race, learn its history, watch video clips and more by clicking here.

And we can celebrate right here.  What better time of year for bike riding?

And (in my family culture, at least), if you’re going to do something, first you read about it.  

My favorite new book about biking is Across America by bicycle : Alice and Bobbi’s summer on wheels, by Alice Honeywell.  It’s the story of two Women of a Certain Age who ride across the country.  If that inspires you, you might want to check out Adventure cycle-touring handbook , by Stephen Lord, and Mountain biking Washington, by Amy Poffenbarger.  Another real-life cycling story is Into thick air : biking to the bellybutton of six continents, by Jim Malusa. 

In fiction, of course you must read Shift, by local author Jennifer Bradbury.  

For the Tour itself, we have Inside the Tour de France , by Eric Delanzy and Positively false : the real story of how I won the Tour de France, by Floyd Landis.  And of course It’s not about the bike : my journey back to life, Lance Armstrong’s autobiography.

And then, put the book down and get outside!
Happy Summer….               -Mary Beth



  1. And don’t forget the streamers!

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