Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | September 21, 2011

And the winner is…

The Burlington Public Library Foundation met last night.  That’s a group of wonderful folk who look out for the library’s long-term future—for instance, by putting on our annual fundraiser, Books, Bites, and Burgundy.

 On their agenda last night was a serious matter: the bestowal of their Volunteer of the Year Award.  After extended deliberation, they made the award to Janice Burwash, a Senior Associate here at the library.  Helping the Foundation coordinate the fundraiser is part of Janice’s job—but her involvement with the event went far beyond those responsibilities.

 “There wasn’t a detail of that event that didn’t pass by Janice’s scrutiny,” recalls Library DirectorMaggie Buckholz.  “The style and elegance everyone remarked on was really a reflection of Janice’s caring and passion.” 

 One important contribution Janice accomplished on her own time—besides personally donating several raffle prizes and soliciting several more—was to recruit other experienced volunteers to help prepare and staff the event. 

 Even more amazingly, under the pressure of so many details and being everyone’s go-to person with questions and issues, Janice kept her smile and unruffled personality to support the entire Foundation and the library Director and staff.  She truly went above and beyond the pale to make the event a success.  She won the award — but the library is the real winner here.


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