Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | October 28, 2011

Baseball, dogs, and lawyers



  1. can you get the two latest Sarah Graves mysteries..”.crawlspace” and
    “knockdown”..neither library has them and the series ends at the “book of old houses” would love to read the next ones…

    • Hi Merrily,

      Sorry for the late reply to your request for new titles by Sarah Graves. It looks like we have gotten behind in ordering books in that series. Unfortunately, my 2011 book budget has been spent, but I can add those two titles to my wish list when 2012 budget money is available. But it is generally mid-January before we can start ordering new books again.

      In the meantime, I checked the Anacortes Public Library, and they have both those titles in their collection. As a resident of the city of Burlington you are able to get a free library card over there, as part of our reciprocal borrowing agreements with other libraries in the county.

      Thanks for letting us know what you want to read, we appreciate the suggestions,

      Janice Burwash, Burlington Public Library

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