Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | December 19, 2011

Snow lovers, unite!

Okay, I admit it publically.  I love snow.  I get unaccountably gleeful.  Falling snow, thick snow, all the amazing textures of snow, the colors it makes high in the mountains, the unique things snow does to light… how snow makes hot chocolate taste better… how it slows the whole world down…

Anyway, I’m excited to tell you about this book.  It’s called Snow Play, by Brigette Ralston, and it is wonderful.  First of all, it is gorgeous.  Full of beautiful pictures, and full of original ideas for fun stuff to do in the snow.   Snow crafts, snow recipes, snow games, snow sculptures.

 If you’re someone who hates winter, this book will inspire you to get out and have fun in it.  If you’re someone who loves snow, this book will whet your appetite.  And if you hate snow?  Well, take a look and see if it doesn’t tempt you just a tiny bit.




Dreaming of white holidays,

Mary Beth


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