Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | May 26, 2012

Beach Reads

As I’ve been ordering new adult fiction titles over the last few weeks, several times I’ve had the thought: “This will be a great beach read.” Usually those were titles with something “summery” in the title or the cover art.

But that’s got me wondering—just what makes a book a good beach read? Is it a book that takes you away to a warmer, sunnier locale? Or, maybe a book that is so compelling that you lose all track of time when you are reading it. Or perhaps a beach read is any book that we look forward to reading when we have some relaxing time, away from the bustle of our normal routine.

Here are a couple of titles that are on my summer “to be read” list:

  • The Witness by Nora Roberts. I’m next in line for this latest title by the queen of romantic suspense.
  • Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews. This author writes chick lit with lots of laughs.  Her latest comes out June 5, and it’s pre-ordered for the library.
  • Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness. This is the second title in the All Souls Trilogy, and it’s coming out July 10. I’d describe this series as “Harry Potter meets Twilight–for adults.” If you’re new to the series,  start with the first book, A Discovery of Witches.

Now we’d like to hear from you. How do you define a beach read? And what’s on your summer reading list?

Here’s to summer reading, with a tall glass of your favorite beverage by your side,



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