Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | January 17, 2013

Party hearty over the weekend

The 57th U.S. Presidential Inauguration is racing up on us, and the web is full of ways you can participate in history being made.  Your participation may extend to Monday’s National Day of Service, too.

Click here to visit the official website of the Presidential Inauguration Committee.

Of course, “there’s an app for that.”  Search for “Inaugural 2013” at Apple and Android app stores to get all the (free) mobile goods on the entire event.

Huffington Post has a whole section on the build-up and plans for the big day (do you know there’s actually a practice parade?!).
You can learn about the floats being made for the parade, and get the low-down on the inaugural balls (there’s only two official ones), and read about the inauguration’s theme.

And to taste the history of our country’s inaugurations, the Smithsonian Magazine has a whole page of interesting looking articles — and a page of inaugural trivia so you can show off while you’re watching the ceremony on TV.  You can even see a video of all the First Ladies’ gowns!


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