Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | May 15, 2013

Big Library Read: a Global e-Book Club

BigLibraryRead300x250Overdrive, one of our e-book vendors, is hosting a Big Library Read.  People from 35,000 libraries worldwide are simultaneously checking out and reading the same book: Michael Malone’s The Four Corners of the Sky.

According to the reviews I read, the Four Corners of the Sky is “a long but satisfying tale of crime and death foretold”, with an “ambitious blend of humor, mystery, adventure and sentimentality.”  The plot follows “navy pilot Annie P. Goode, [who] comes home for her 26th birthday to her doting aunt and uncle in Emerald, NC, exactly where her con man father, Jack Peregrine, left her 19 years earlier. But Jack’s urgent message that he’s dying and needs Annie to fly his old Piper Warrior to St. Louis upends her life. Annie agrees, hoping finally to learn the name of her mother.”  However, the book is not for all tastes — one reviewer said that “this long novel could have used some serious editing, and a love scene or two between Annie and her Sergeant Hart would have been a welcome relief from the extensive Peregrine family history and the overuse of the f word.”

Not sure about the book?  You can use your library card number to find reviews of the book, or find a different ebook from the Washington Anytime Library.

If you are a Twitter user, you can discuss the book using the #BigLibraryRead hashtag.

– Jane S.


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