Posted by: Burlington Public Library (WA) | September 10, 2013

When they’re off duty: Scott Thomas

Scott ThomasI am the city attorney for the City of Burlington, and I have served in that capacity since 2004.  As city attorney, I am responsible for representing the city in all court proceedings brought by or against the city.  I also provide legal advice to the mayor, city council, and city staff.  I have been a lawyer for 20 years; prior to going to law school, I worked as an architect in the Midwest, where I grew up.  I have a wife and 3 kids, and my oldest, the only other male in my household, is going off to college this fall.  While the males have always been outnumbered, the hormonal balance is shifting dramatically in my home.

My parents, who came of age during the great depression, recently moved closer to be near their grandkids and we get together frequently.  I have always been interested to hear Dad tell stories of the time he and my uncle spent stationed in England during World War II, and Mom’s life on the farm at the same time.  IMarge-Piercy-Gone-to-Soldiers just started reading Marge Piercy’s Gone to Soldiers, which is a novel primarily about home life during that time.  The novel follows several main characters as they live their lives, both in the United States and in Europe.  It’s not a typical blood-and-guts war novel, but more off-the-battlefield fare.  It also does not explicitly lionize the men and women who grew up during the depression and were thrust into WWII, as, for example, Tom Brokaw did in The Greatest Generation.  But the book still has the same effect, if only because it shows how the young characters came of age.


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